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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Voting Logically

Voting Logically

I propose that you the voter tune out all the name calling and distractions. Make your decision based on your best interest. Decide which candidate will be more likely to do things that benefit the country and in the long run you. Who will deal best with the problems we face. Start with the issues.

The Environment - If you don't think this is an issue you probably align with Republicans, but if it's not an issue you also shouldn't rank it high on your decision making list. If this is an issue you care about then you will want Democrat's to work on it. Really if this is something your concerned about everything else is a lesser issue. The environment would be a life and death issue.

Economics - What actions do you think will help your economic situation? Shut down the government. Do away with several departments. Repeal entitlements like Social Security, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid. Then you will want to vote with Republican's. If you get your paycheck from a government, local, state, or federal you may want to consider this. Republicans think Government is the problem and cutting taxes will starve the beast. That will also have an effect on government employment and pay. So if you work for a government (military, police, fire fighter, public school teacher, government offices, etc.) you may want to vote for Democrat's. 

Ultimately isn't that a more logical way to decide how to vote than claims against a candidate. Like whether or not their Steaks are selling, or what they did or didn't do during Benghazi. Vote for what you want the future to look like not who has the best personal attacks.   

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